House Sitting Jupiter FL


Very often homeowners search for House Sitting Services when actually what would be a better fit for their needs, and of more value, would be a professional, accredited, insured and bonded Home Watch Service.

Whether you are seasonal homeowners, frequent travelers, vacation rental homeowners during off season, or anyone who may need their home looked after in their absence, hiring a “live in house sitter” may not be the right choice.

In fact, most of us have no real affinity for a stranger living in our home.  We simply need the peace of mind that the property is being well –cared for in our absence preferably by professionals.

House Sitters are often friends or neighbors without any training or in situations where they are in between residences and they themselves need a place to stay.  A house sitter’s role does not include showing up with a carefully planned out check list for all of your home’s needs.

Some homeowners may have plants or pets that need attention while traveling.  No problem.  At A-Z Home Watch Solutions we have professional and well vetted Pet Care affiliates and, in addition, we can take wonderful care of your plants at each visit.

We encourage you to learn more about A-Z Home Watch Solutions service offerings to see if we fill the bill for all your “house sitting” needs.

Allow us the opportunity to share our professional, insured, bonded and accredited service with you at a free consultation.

Please note the following definitions:

House Sitter – a custodian who lives in and cares for a house while the regular occupant is away

(Usually without an exchange of money)

Custodiankeepersteward – one having charge of buildings or grounds or animals

Home Watch Service – The home watch inspection is the visual inspection of a home to point out obvious issues to prevent possible damage. This is performed on a regular basis with a lengthy checklist in an attempt to mitigate impending situations that could cause the homeowner concern and or serious damage.

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