About A-Z Home Watch Solutions

A-Z Home Watch Solutions is a family owned and operated professional Home Watch business created to serve the Northern Palm Beach County, Florida market.

Additionally, we serve:

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum

  • Singer Island
  • North Palm Beach
  • Palm Beach Gardens
  • Juno
  • Jupiter
  • Jupiter Island
  • Tequesta

Our Purpose:

To provide you with a team of dedicated, trained, insured, bonded professionals committed to providing home watch, key holder and concierge services “a cut above the rest”. Our goal is to be the “key” to your peace of mind and the “eyes” on your property when you cannot be here. Our clients are Seasonal Residents, frequent Travelers, Vacation Home Rental Owners, Banks, Mortgage companies, Realtors and anyone responsible for an unoccupied or vacant home. We offer SOLUTIONS to all their needs!

We are determined to uphold the highest standards in the industry and to earn your trust, respect and appreciation for going above and beyond.


Longtime Florida residents, Doris and Artie Fink, deeply entrenched in the northern Palm Beach County community, have launched A-Z Home Watch Solutions with you, the seasonal resident, absentee property owner and busy traveler in mind.

Proud members of the National Home Watch AssociationA-Z Home Watch Solutions wants to be certain this company upholds the Gold standard in the industry with proper accreditation, bonding and insurance along with proper home watch education and the benefit of globally shared industry knowledge.

Artie’s background in transportation management, pest control and commercial odor control contributes to effective preventive oversight of your property. Doris, a successful entrepreneur and perfectionist who loves growing businesses, has a background in management consulting and executive training. “I am very excited to assist Artie as we continue to grow A-Z Home Watch Solutions”


We offer Palm Beach Gardens Home Watch, Jupiter Home Watch, Jupiter Island Home Watch, Tequesta Home Watch, Juno Home Watch, Singer Island Home Watch and North Palm Beach Home Watch Services.

One of the most popular items in our home is the air conditioning unit! Year-round high temperatures call for A/C nearly every day, which can create a strain on the unit. To keep your system going, make sure to clean out your condensation line on a schedule. The more we use our unit, the more this pipe will build up with gunk and the more likely that our air handlers will be tripped off. ...

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CONGRATULATIONS to the two winners of our Longboarding Summer contest! Jill and Morgan will each receive a pair of custom etched longboards from Ghost Longboards. Each was so excited to win, and we were excited for them, too. A huge thank you to all who entered! ...

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“The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.” - Socrates ...

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5 days ago

A-Z Home Watch Solutions

From our Home Watch guru on Florida's west coast- when you leave for the season..turn off the hot water heater and recirculation pump along with circuit breaker. Remember to keep a "To Do List" each season. Hire a professional to guide you with these practices. Thanks Carl!PRO TIP: Water heater recirculation pumps are typically found in larger homes and are used to send hot water to further areas of a house immediately, instead of waiting 5 minutes for the water to heat up. They work great, however, water heater recirculation pumps should be turned off or unplugged when a home is unoccupied/vacant. If you turn off the main water supply to the house, but you accidentally leave the water heater and the recirculation pump on, then you can inadvertently burn out the recirculation pump. This is because they require constant water flow to keep them from over heating. Having a recirculation pump replaced by a plumber can cost $500. That's a $500 mistake that doesn't need to happen. As a best practice, I always just unplug them when conducting my home watch inspections.


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