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To serve you as industry leaders with honesty and integrity while we protect your prized possessions

Accredited Member of the National Home Watch Association

Insured and bonded for your protection.

We are accredited by the NHWA and follow the NHWA Code of Ethics


Serving Northern Palm Beach County and all surrounding areas

Away on Vacation or Leaving for the Season?

You Deserve the Very Best!
Think caring accountable professionals– Your home deserves it!
Think accredited, bonded and insured – You deserve it!

Think A-Z Home Watch Solutions for all your home watch, concierge and key holder needs!

A-Z Home Watch Solutions – Serving Northern Palm Beach County

In this busy world that affords many families multiple residences and/ or extensive travel, peace of mind and convenience are the two ingredients that create a worry free lifestyle.

A-Z Home Watch Solutions is a family owned and operated professional Home Watch business created to serve the Northern Palm Beach County, Florida market.

Additionally, we serve:

  • Singer Island
  • North Palm Beach
  • Palm Beach Gardens
  • Juno
  • Jupiter
  • Jupiter Island
  • Tequesta
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Definition of Home Watch – The visual inspection of a home or property looking for obvious issues.

Owners, Artie and Doris Fink have lived the Florida lifestyle for over 45 years and thoroughly understand the elements and uniqueness of the area. They appreciate the necessity for professionalism and integrity in the home watch industry. Whether you are a seasonal resident, here in “Paradise”, a vacation rental owner with frequent traffic in and out of your property, a financial or real estate institution that needs to ensure properties in your portfolio are given regular checkups, or concerned about a property sitting unoccupied or vacant due to the illness or passing of a friend or loved one, A-Z Home Watch Solutions has a customized service for you! INSURED, BONDED and proud ACCREDITED members of the National Home Watch Association, A-Z Home Watch Solutions provides professional home watch, key holder and concierge services designed with your specific needs in mind. When your property is unoccupied, it is not a question of what can go wrong, but when it will go wrong. Our goal, as industry leaders, is to serve you and to protect your prized possessions.

Juno Pier

Juno Pier

Why Contact A-Z Home Watch Solutions?

  • Does your unoccupied home scream… we are away?
  • Do you worry about impending weather events and possible damage?
  • Is there a repair or home projectyou need taken care of while you are away and need someone to key in and key out the workers?
  • Do you dread finding a closed up home upon return?
  • Are you tired of racing to the supermarket after a long day of travel to have a few things in your fridge to tide you over?
  • Do you need mail and package receipt and forwarding while away or traveling?
  • Are you concerned about unnoticed leaks, pests, mold and squatters?
  • Are you part of the popular vacation rental community and not available to provide keyholder and/ or concierge services to your guests?
  • Do you have someone to immediately document an incident for your insurance company?
  • Who provides you peace of mind when the alarm goes off and the police are dispatched?
  • Do you presently trust a friend, relative or neighbor who is NOT insured, accredited, bonded or professionally trained in the Home Watch industry to keep an eye on your home?
  • For a few dollars more, we can save you thousands and provide professional personnel who adhere to a Gold standard in the industry.

Doris and Artie Fink, owners of A-Z Home Watch Solutions in Jupiter, FL are proud to display the achievement of   “Certified Home Watch Professional” through the National Home Watch Association. They each successfully mastered  a lengthy training curriculum based on the organization’s Best Practices compiled by long-time successful leaders in the home watch  industry in both the US and Canada.

Their desire to reach beyond accreditation and seek Certification matches their business goal to provide you, the homeowner, with a professional service upholding the Gold standard in the industry.

A-Z Home Watch Solutions has you covered!